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Jamie Little, General Manager at Western Truck Group (WTG), spoke to us about the key benefits since installing Stock Locker Vending Machines.

“The real benefit of the lockers is they give us a live report of what’s in the locker and what we need to replace. The whole solution with Stock Locker is they see what we see so they can replenish the machines before we run out.”

When WTG came to Stock Locker, they identified their main pain point as missing consumable items and running out of stock before the next order arrived. After a 3-month trial with our machines, Stock Locker was pleased to hear WTG were jumping onboard. Since then, WTG have identified other workshops such as their modification centre where they can utilise the machines and have expanded their scope of consumables they store in the machines to increase productivity and maximise efficiency.

Because of the machines Jamie is confident that high value items are accounted for and returned at the end of each day. The machines also bring accountability to the staff and ensure the tool is always available, charged and ready for the next person. Furthermore, the reporting feature also allows WTG to on charge consumables used to jobs which previously they had not been able to track and charge in an efficient way.

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