RME - The global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of grinding mill relining technologies and services. We spoke to Troy Deakin (Global Procurement Manager) & Matt Holland (Global fabrication and machining manager) from RME about how Stock Locker has improved their inventory management system.

Russell Mineral Equipment installed Stock Locker Vending Machines to improve staff labour times, reduce purchase orders and reduce stock usage. RME approached Stock Locker because they needed an inventory management solution for high turnover consumables and safety equipment (PPE). Once installed, The machi nes guaranteed RME employees wouldnt run out of stock, even when working on the night shift. Beyond the convenience factor, all consumables accessed from the Stock Locker are easily accounted for.

Since introducing automated vending machines for inventory management, RME staff no longer conduct stock takes, and the purchasing team isn't required to raise or chase orders. Stock Locker is 100% responsible for holding the stock and ensuring the vending machine is stocked with the required inventory. This system has greatly increased productivity and efficiency.

“Everything that is in the vending machines comes from Stock Locker. We have reduced the number of vendors, which reduces the number of orders, which saves money, time and effort from our purchasing team.”

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