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St Vincent’s Hospital came to Stock Locker after identifying the need for a more robust and accountable process for inventory control. Management at the hospital were aware that expensive items would often go missing or items were not returned after use. This was a major issue for the hospital, especially operating in a health care environment. Once St Vincent Hospital installed Stock Locker medical supplies vending machines, they were amazed at the accountability it brought to inventory.

This is what Paula McDonald, Clinical Projects Manager at St Vincent Hospital, had to say, “The key benefits of having the Stock Locker Machines in the hospital is that each compartment is lockable and traceable. They also allow you to track your assets and how old it is which is critical for any health care organisation.”

Stock Locker vending machines are all customisable and made to fit your requirements. We can adjust any locker compartment to suit the consumable you need to store. St Vincent Hospital identified key items they wanted to stock as high value consumables and items of limited supply. By installing Stock Locker Vending Machines they could be confident all items were accounted for and in a central location.

Stock Locker machines can also be custom programmed. For example, if a hospital item or kit has been damaged while it’s been out of the locker, the staff member can return it, identify it’s been damaged, and the vending machine will lock the compartment. The machine will then send a message to the delegated employee who can fix the item. This means the staff at St Vincent’s can be confident their staff are equipped with serviced equipment so they can always do their job to the best of their ability.

Key benefit takeaways in a health care setting:

  • Security for high-cost items
  • One central location for minimal stock items
  • Damaged feature capabilities to ensure staff aren’t using faulty items
  • Customisable compartment sizes
  • Expiration date notifications for items
  • “Overdue” capabilities
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