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Watch our testimonial video with Toowoomba Regional Council to find out how Robyn Grey (Acting Manager of Financial Services Branch at Toowoomba Regional Council) and Julie Schmidt (Coordinator of Stores) have benefited since introducing Stock Locker medical supplies vending machines into St Vincent Hospital.

When Robyn and Julie came to Stock Locker, their main objective was 24/7 access to PPE. During the process, they identified how the machines could also increase productivity and improve inventory management.

“Before Stock Locker vending machines, operators would walk in with lists of what they needed and would have to wait for the council staff to go pick it out. We found there was always the wrong stock and wrong information written down. By introducing Stock Locker vending machines, they can go to the vending machine, swipe their card, enter their job number, and retrieve the product they want. And it’s available 24/7!” – Julie Schmidt

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