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We spoke to Jonathan Loane, Workshop Manager at HEQ, to find out what he likes best about integrating Stock Locker Vending Machines into the workplace.

HEQ installed Stock Locker Machines 5+ years ago. They hold a variety of items in their vending machines including basic PPE, general consumables and lifting equipment. They also have a unique weighted system included in their hardware. The hardware allows small parts i.e., bolts, nuts, washers to be separated into trays and uses the weight technology to identify when stock is low and notify Stock Locker to replace it before it runs out

They found the main benefit of installing the vending machines was the accountability for their consumables. The machines are also set up so that tradesmen can enter a job number and transfer the expense to the job when billing the customer, meaning they are never left out of pocket!

Every week Stock Locker also sends a comprehensive spreadsheet to HEQ which details the consumables which have been booked out, who has booked it out, how much it cost, how many items were removed and the total expenditure for the week.

To find out more about how Stock Locker could help bring accountability to your inventory management process watch our testimonial video and enquire!

"Stock Locker has been integral to our success locally, every time we’ve called, they’ve been able to support us with any sort of specialist need. With Stock Locker we know the equipment we need is on hand and ready to go - it’s a one stop shop and our immediate go to." Jonathan Loane - Workshop Manager

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